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Leading crypto exchange for retail and companies in LATAM

Decentralized local currency-pegged tokens leverage blockchain technology, which provides a transparent and immutable record of all transactions. This transparency fosters trust among users, as they can independently verify the token's pegged value and the reserve backing it.
180,000 users
Argentina - Peru - USA - Europe
+100 MM USD
Average Volume 20'-22'

YOUR KEYS, YOUR CONTROL. Defiant is a self-custodial wallet.

Defiant allows you to secure, manage, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and much more from a easy-to-use wallet that puts you in control of your assets. 
Defiant is a leading DeFi mobile wallet in Latin America. It has been adding multiple networks and integrating DeFi protocols. Currently, in Defiant Wallet you can run Money On Chain smart contracts using a specially designed vendor program.
Defiant plans to integrate the Flipmoney protocol since the need for Local Stablecoins is a demand from its users in Latin America.
Self Custodial

Tropykus Finance is a decentralized finance protocol based on Bitcoin running on RSK network.

A protocol that offers DeFi loans and deposits with focus in Latin America.

Tropykus will use ARSflip and COPflip for building new decentralized money markets in Latam.
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Deposits from Feb '22