Your Stablecoin with Free Leverage

One click defi

Up to 3x free leverage

Mint GoTurbo to receive up to 3x free leverage on your USD-pegged stablecoins against inflationary local FIAT currencies.
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The liquidity providers of the Dollar stablecoins collateral will receive a token (GoTurbo) that will have several value streams. Given that historically local fiat currencies get devalued more than the Dollar, this will be one of the main sources of value for the liquidity providers (GoTurbo hodlers). 

your stablecoins with benefits

Liquidity providers have the opportunity to earn profits through their investment. Flipago incentivize liquidity provision by offering rewards to those who provide liquidity. By investing in liquidity, you can earn a passive income stream, making it an attractive opportunity for yield generation.

Passive Income

Liquidity providers can earn a passive income. When you provide liquidity to the protocol, you receive a portion of the transaction fees generated by the stablecoin's usage.

A real catch

The historic behavior of developing countries Fiat currency is that they tend to devaluate more than the USD. In other words, that’s almost a perpetual bull market.